Saturday, 14 April 2012

Prawn Linguine

So this is another very simple and light dish that takes minutes to prepare and cook!

For this you'll need:
  • Spring onions,
  • Garlic,
  • Prawns,
  • Linguine pasta,
  • Creme fraiche,
  • Olive oil,
  • Chilli flakes,
  • Salt & pepper
  • Cherry tomatoes (optional)

Start off by boiling the linguine. About 3-4 minutes before the pasta is done, heat some olive oil in a wide pan and add the garlic.  Once the garlic has started to softened, add the prawns.  Once the prawns start to turn pink, add the green onions and about 2 table spoons of creme fraiche and cook until the prawns are fully cooked.  

Add the cherry tomatoes just before the sauce is fully heated through. Season with the chilli flakes, some lemon and salt & pepper.

Once everything is ready, pour the prawn sauce onto the drained pasta and mix through.  Garnish with some parsley. 

Now serve with a wedge of lemon!


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